In need of a translation into Norwegian?

If you need a translation into Norwegian or are looking for a reliable translator for long-term cooperation, please ask me for a quote.

My name is Hermod T.H. Nilsen. I am an Authorized Translator in Norwegian with 25 years’ experience as a translator. I am a member of Translatørforeningen (the Association of Danish Authorized Translators) and SFÖ (The Swedish Association of Professional Translators).

Norwegian translation - words

Furthermore, I have a master’s degree as cand.philol. in Norwegian and French. Prior to my language studies, I have several years of experience working as an engineer. In 2007, I completed the first Danish/Norwegian – Norwegian/Danish dictionary ever.

Language combinations

I offer translations as well as revision and  review in the following language pairs:

    • English into Norwegian
    • French into Norwegian
    • Swedish into Norwegian
    • Danish into Norwegian
  • Norwegian into Danish.


I translate all kinds of texts within my language combinations except medical texts, e.g.:

  • Manuals and instructions
  • Technical documentation
  • Legal documents
  • Annual reports
  • Financial statement
  • Essays and scientific texts
  • Marketing and brochure texts
  • Non-fiction books


I can handle a great number and file formats including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Trados, html, xml, pdf. The translations are carried out using DVX3 from Atril or, upon request, SDL Trados Studio.

Translation into Norwegian with DVX Translation into Norwegian with SDL Studio


The business mission is to deliver translations of the highest quality, and always to respect deadlines. I have compiled a considerable reference library within the different subject areas and I have comprehensive terminology databases for all of the language combinations.

As a regular customer, you can be confident that thanks to customer specific terminology databases established terminology will be consistently used both within a project and from project to project.

Price, quality and time are factors depending on each other. If I shall do the necessary research, it is essential that the customer allocates sufficient time for the project, and if I shall allocate sufficient time for the project, the price should be adequate. My aim is not necessarily to be the cheapest – but always the best.

Before delivery, all translations are first checked against the source text for accuracy and faithfulness, when the text is spellchecked and a final control focuses on ensuring a good and correct language.

My understanding of a translation is that only the best solution is the right solution.

Contact information:

H. Nilsen, Strandlodsvej 19 f, 2. tv., DK-2300 København S
Telephone: +45 27 11 75 05


Here you can download a couple of documents in the pdf-format about H. Nilsen for further reading:

Read a presentation of H. Nilsen here

Read cv with a list of selected translation projects here

Read General Terms and Conditions here